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The Perfect Cup

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We are a small family run business based in south west Wales with a passion for quality loose leaf tea from around the world.

We stock a wide range of quality loose leaf teas from the humble English breakfast tea to some of our more herbal varieties such as spearmint tea or rooibos tea.

All of our teas are vegan friendly.


We also stock a selection of decaffeinated and caffeine free teas for people which are sensitive to caffeine so all can enjoy our wonderful teas.


We also offer a range of hot chocolates for you to make at home by just adding hot milk to make a wonderfully chocolaty experience for those cozy nights. 

Our high quality coffee is locally roasted in south west wales for maximum flavour.  

Browse below for your perfect tea, coffee or hot drink for all occasions they also make for a thoughtful gift.


Black Tea

a selection of black teas for all occasions such as Earl grey tea.


Breakfast Tea

A selection of breakfast teas to start your morning off.


Blended Tea

A selection of blended teas for all occasions


Oolong Tea

A selection of Oolong teas full of antioxidants and health benefits. 


Green Tea

A selection of green teas such as Chun Mee and Sencha.


Rooibos and Honeybush Tea

A selection of Rooibos and Honeybush teas


Herbal and Fruit Tea

A selection of herbal teas and fruit teas such as spearmint tea and berry tea.


White Tea

A selection of white teas such as Pai Mu Tan


Decaffeinated and Caffeine Free Tea

Decaffeinated and caffeine free teas for people sensitive to caffeine or want a relaxing cup of tea without the effects of caffeine. 


Fermented Tea

A selection of fermented teas such as Pu Erh


Hot Chocolate and Hot Drinks

A selection of hot chocolates and hot drinks 



Coffee freshly roasted in Pembrokeshire


Tea Infusers

Tea infusers for your loose leaf tea.

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